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by Jeanni Ritchie

I’d spent the day at the lake with my grandson and had just dropped him off at home when I decided a big platter of crawfish would be the perfect way to end my day. I don’t eat boiled crawfish as often as I make crawfish dishes with pre-peeled tails. Peeling crawfish can be work!

But it can also be an experience and I was in the mood for some old fashioning crawfish peeling. I even managed to get the meat to stay on a claw or too!

I came to Pop’s Crawfish and Seafood, formerly known as Robbie G’s. New owner Shawn Parker explained the restaurant name.

“My kids and grandkids call me Pop so it was a natural fit,” he shared as he went around the restaurant like a true grandpa, dropping off extra food items for sampling and making sure everyone was completely satisfied.

I certainly was. Not only did I dig into my crawfish and potatoes, I ate my corn on the cob with abandon. Once my favorite side dish, corn on the cob became a rarity as I became an adult. There’s no way to eat it gracefully. Yet here at Pop’s, I enjoyed it like a ten-year old again.

With appetizers, crawfish platters, fried seafood, gumbo, and more, there’s something for everyone, including kids.

I laughed as the mom at the table next to me coaxed her daughter to eat more of her corn dog. “Why is it that we have to force them to eat more and ourselves to eat less?!” She laughed.

“And they never gain a pound!” she replied.

It is this family friendly atmosphere of camaraderie that makes a good meal turn into a great experience. The ambience at Pop’s Crawfish and Seafood was the perfect way to spend my evening.

And, oh, the food! I asked Shawn, aka Pops, the story behind the Bryleigh sauce. There are several sauces to choose from but I assumed this one was named after someone special. I was right. Daughter Bryleigh created the sauce and it quickly became a customer favorite. I’m usually a cocktail sauce purist so I was surprised to find myself dipping my tails in Bryleigh’s sauce as much as the cocktail sauce. She definitely has a gift!

Pop’s Crawfish and Seafood, 5859 Jackson St in Alexandria, is open Tuesday- Saturday. Tuesdays are Kids Eat Free day and Wednesdays have Snow Crab specials. There is a live band every Thursday night and military, police, fire, and first responders receive a 10% discount every night.

Let’s not forget my oft-deal breaker as well: Coca-Cola products. Pop’s has ‘em! I’ll definitely be back, for both the food and the fellowship. And maybe to discreetly enjoy some corn on the cob in a corner table again!

Watch the author’s video from her dining experience at Pop’s Crawfish and Seafood here.


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