by Dan "Dief" Diefenderfer

One large bag white corn chips

One package marinated Carne Asada

One yellow onion

2 tbs. cilantro

2 tbs. butter

One package of taco seasoning

One can smooth creamy refried beans

1 pound taco meat. Follow instructions on package of taco seasoning. Cook and put to the side and drain all grease.

One can or jar sliced jalapeños

One jar taco sauce, pick the heat you want.

One jar of your favorite salsa or you could look under these recipes and make a jar of Dief’s salsa.

A four cheese blend of Mexican cheese.

Use sour cream and salsa for condiments

The first thing you do is cook the meats. Cook the ground beef, follow the taco seasoning package instructions. Cook the Carne Asada on the grill to medium rare then slice into thin strips, bite-size pieces and put to the side.

Slice the onion very thin and cook in the butter to the onion is brown on the edges. Cook the refried beans on the stove .

Preheat the oven to 400°.

Put foil down on a large cookie sheet and cover the entire cookie sheet with the white corn chips; add two tablespoons cilantro. Randomly add dollops of refried beans (use all the beans) and top with the jalapeño peppers (half the jar). Spread half of the ground beef over the top and half of the Carne Asada, then drizzle taco sauce, add another layer of chips and repeat.

Scatter a few more chips on the top and then pour the bag of cheese over the entire cookie sheet. Place a few jalapeño peppers on the top and put in the oven until the cheese melts.

For condiments use sour cream and your favorite salsa.

A cold beer wouldn’t hurt either.

Bon appėtit! Chef Dief


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