by Chef Dief

After my recent trip to Miami, I renewed my love for  Cuban Sandwich. You will also find an terrific one at the New Orleans Jazz Fest. The authentic recipe is fairly simple, but you do need a Panini or flat press. You can also make them with a weighted hand press.

You can get pulled pork in 2 pound boxes in the freezer section at your grocer; you can cook your own Boston butt and pull it, or you can go to favorite barbecue stop and ask for 2 pounds of pulled pork. I used thinly sliced ham, pulled pork, stacker dill pickles, and Swiss cheese. You can upgrade all the ingredients to your favorite ham, cheese, or add your perfect selection of meats.

White Poboy Bread

Pulled Pork

Thinly sliced ham



Stacker pickles

Swiss Cheese

Cut the Poboy bread in half. In a small bowl, mix the mayo and the mustard together well (2/3 mayo 1/3 mustard). Spread the mustard generously on each side of the bread. Cover the bottom of the bread with pulled pork and, then, add ham, pickle, and cheese.

Place in the Panini press and push sandwich down to help flatten. Close the press and let it cook for four minutes. Cut it on a slant, as seen in the picture! Serve with chips or string fries and enjoy your authentic Cuban sandwich.

Bon appétit

Chef Dief



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