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Do you believe in miracles? I do, as I see it every day! This story is one of the many ways you make extraordinary things happen in the lives of others when there seems to be no hope!

Several years ago, Evergreen Life Services received a call about a young man needing help.

Meet Tim.

Due to severe self-injurious behaviors, his current provider struggled with ways to help Tim. They hoped Evergreen could recommend a solution offering Tim a higher quality of life.

When Evergreen staff arrived at the facility to meet Tim, they saw a young man strapped to a table wearing a helmet, and his arms were strapped down with arm limiters on both arms. It was a frightening and sad situation.

That was our first meeting with Tim. Tim was 15 years old, and when he was upset or bored, he would hit his face and cause injuries to his body. He has previously lost his eye due to self-harming behavior.

We weren’t sure If we could help him, but we certainly had to try.

Despite the challenges and trauma of his situation, Evergreen staff compassionately opened their arms to this small, young boy, determined to have the arm restraints removed within his first year.

When Tim arrived at his new home, new surroundings, new people, and new routines did nothing to stop his outbursts, requiring two staff members to be with him at all times to keep him from self-harm.

Tim and the staff worked with a psychologist and several trained behavior specialists over the next year turning small strides into significant changes. Within the first year, long gloves replaced the arm limiters.

He was able to go to school with the assistance of staff and has now graduated high school.

Over the twenty years Tim has been served, his life has changed drastically from the first day of his journey with Evergreen. We have watched, supported, and loved him throughout his journey.

Your financial gifts ensure Tim has access to programs and services where he can live a rewarding, safe, and injury-free life in an Evergreen home. A once estranged relationship with his family has now become.

Without supporters like you, many individuals with disabilities would not be able to experience a miracle!

Please consider a gift that will allow us to continue working with people like Tim to lead happy, meaningful lives. For more information about Evergreen or make a donation, visit our website at


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