by Kimberly Pattison

I am a native Louisiana gal with deep roots tied to Alexandria, although I live in the Baton Rouge area.

I am the Goddaughter of O’day and Julie Lavergne and have deeply admired O’Day’s entrepreneurial endeavors growing up. With countless visits to Alexandria on Easter break, I always valued my in-depth conversations with my uncle about so many things … love, life, and the Lord.

I know that Uncle “O” came from very humble beginnings and has since far exceeded anything he could have dreamed. I visited their business, Agilus Health in Alexandria, and got to see firsthand hand both Julie and O’day at work helping others heal. I then saw the family symmetry.

I have been a hairdresser for 35 years all of which were spent helping others. Being a hairdresser had very little to do with doing hair for me. I have shared this many times, during a lengthy appointment where I visited with my clients in deep conversation. I often can’t even recall concentrating on the service of hair, more so, the conversation happening in my chair.

Being a business owner for all these years has been amazing, however, my own entrepreneurial instincts just kicked in once again at the ripe age of 50 something. I have taken a totally different road now and am a self-published children’s author.

My debut children’s book is titled, I’M NOT SCARED NO WAY! I’M GETTING MY HAIRCUT TODAY.

I saw a need to help young children overcome their fear of getting their haircut. The special life event of getting your FIRST haircut is one in which every single person experiences many feelings and to which everyone can relate. It’s looked at as the transformation of going from a baby to a child, and it’s extremely challenging for everyone involved. This event effects the child, their parents and, please don’t forget the hairdresser … it can be very stressful.

I am hoping being able to read this book before the visit to the salon or barber shop will help ease fears and make children proud of their accomplishments.

I have gifted each book owner with a certificate of achievement which includes a place to put before and after photos, and a special place to keep their first lock of hair. As well as a fun read, this book is a special keepsake.

My humble beginnings started with hopes of simply offering my book on Amazon, and in three short months, it has been picked up by Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Target, and other sites, all of which you may find links to at the bottom of this story.

You know what they say … apples don’t fall far from their trees.

I would like to thank my Uncle “O” for being an amazing mentor, as well as friend to me my whole life.

The sky is the limit and I plan to fly high with my second book in the making. I would like to raise awareness of children fearing police officers. This book is currently at the illustrator and due to come out in the fall.

You can visit my website and learn more about




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