by Jacqueline Snow

July inspires us to celebrate freedom. In terms of societal living, freedom is the ability to fashion our daily life in ways we desire and feel are best for us … in our home, work, town, country. We reflect on words that brilliant minds wrote into the founding documents of our republic, wisely acknowledging God often, by name. In terms of spiritual living, “free will” is written into the declaration of independence that God generously established for humanity. It’s a sacred, miraculous gift we each have, regardless of where on earth we live or to where we adventure.

There is no explanation for free will – it’s in our spiritual genetics. We didn’t have to ask for it, or fight to gain it, or sacrifice to maintain it. As God “is,” free will simply “is.” Things of the world nudge us to become attached to, and loyal to, things of the world. Things of the eternal nudge us to become attached to, and loyal to, things of the eternal. So here we are, both in the world and of the eternal, trying to navigate the abundantly overflowing choices each present moment gives us. And our USA certainly provides an endless variety of choices.

Earthly freedom coexists with spiritual free will. Both involve personal responsibility, self-discipline, morals and values. May we turn often to God’s word for instruction, strength and peace of mind, as we walk daily through endless paths of choice. May we stop often to truly praise God for freedoms and blessings. May we offer honor and thanks to all – past and present – who bravely sacrifice for our earthly freedom. May our highest gratitude be given to Christ, whose sacrifice gained eternal freedom and salvation for our souls. We are “… one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all!” “In God We Trust!”

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