by Corey Poole

The Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) announces the promotion of several of its staff members as it bids farewell to Assistant Director of Student Services Jenny Schmitt, who has joined the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics at its new Morganton campus as Dean of Students. Schmitt first joined LSMSA in 2011 as a Student Life Advisor after completing graduate work in Higher Education.

Associate Director of Academic Services Ro Slutsky will assume the new role of Director of Support Services. In addition to advancing to a senior administrative role, Slutsky will assume responsibility for all support services, including mental health and personal counseling.

“Jenny has done so much for LSMSA during her tenure here, and she is already sorely missed by everyone,” said Executive Director Dr. Steve Horton. “Congratulations to Ro, who has for always been a strong advocate for both students and faculty.”

The school will advertise for a Dean of Students and Chief Student Affairs Officer position to assume responsibility for the student activities functions, including residential life, activities programming, discipline, and student organizations.

Once the Dean of Students position is filled, Director of Enrollment and Student Services Emily Shumate will assume the role of Director of Enrollment Management and Institutional Research. This shift will allow her to devote her time to overseeing the recruiting and admissions process that is coordinated by Assistant Director of Enrollment Services Heather Tichenor. Shumate will also begin to address the state and federal demands for institutional data collection, analysis, and reporting. Those responsibilities have been managed across divisions; however, much of the school’s accountability is now driven by data management and reporting.  

“Since Emily’s innate strength involves data analysis and interpretation, she will provide fantastic oversight for our strategic plan while identifying our next year’s student body,” said Horton.

Dr. Kristi Key’s title will change from Director of Academic Services to Director of Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer. Though her responsibilities will not change significantly, the new title better aligns with the traditional higher education model.

“This year has continually proven that the Covid quarantine impacted all of us — particularly the three classes who are on campus this year — so we are excited to realign our organizational structure to accommodate the changing needs of our student body,” said Horton. “We are grateful that our team of such dedicated educators and administrators have both paved the way, and continue working with and for students, faculty, and staff.”

LSMSA has educated highly motivated, high-achieving high school students from throughout the state since 1983. Inquiring parents and students may visit to learn more, complete online applications, and submit transcripts, ACT or SAT scores, and current teachers’ recommendations. For more information about this tuition-free, publicly funded residential high school, please visit Banner Ad
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