For those of you who’ve lived on Planet Earth and not been to White Sands, N.M., do yourself a favor and go. White Sands is a living, natural work of art.

When last I left you, dear reader, I’d only just arrived. I knew I was in for a treat, having heard about this marvel most all my life. But little did I know how much of a treat was in store.


Wracked my brain, took apart the vehicle looking for my lost plastic. Luckily, my bank was in rock throwing distance. Got everything changed. Took off my boots that evening, out falls card …

I am a foodie. In that same rock tossing distance was Si Señor. Kicking New Mexican cuisine! When in Rome! I became a regular.

At dusk on my last day, I was driving to the sands for one last shot. Engine goes belly-up. Same rock throwing distance was an honest, affordable mechanic. Crises averted.

Bye Bye, White Sands!

Driving through West Texas, I passed miles and miles of wind turbines. Giant, sleek machines, slow spinning blades, dominating the otherwise sparse scrub landscape. Surreal.

I pulled into Austin to McKinney Falls State Park. I’m a Deist so living in the woods is nirvana! The staff were on it. Serenity.

I recorded more music with Kathy McCarty and Brian Beattie. Recorded double drum tracks with Pat Mastelotto from King Crimson, too. I performed at The Continental Club with the B Bender Master, Casper Rawls. Ate my favorite meal in the world, Chili Nogado, @ Hecho con Mexico. Great friends, great food, great celluloid, terrible traffic. A big city soiree’ if ever there was..

When done with Tejas, I augered Southeast toward the Congo. South Louisiana, here I come!

Here’s a few snaps from the trip. See you down the road a piece…

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