by Melissa Dubroc Gauthier, ASID

If you’re constantly pinning and bookmarking home office decor ideas, try these ideas. The importance of a well-appointed home office can’t be overstated. Whether it’s the place you spend your 9-to-5 or where you catch up on email in the evenings, it should be designed in a way that makes you want to be there. Because if not? You’ll either suffer through your work or simply avoid it.

  • Create a Balance
  • Throw Out Every Traditional Idea of What an Office “Needs” to Have
  • Don’t Sacrifice Form for Function

  • Choose the Right Chair
  • Choose a Desk That Suits Your Needs
  • Create the Right Lighting Mix
  • Make Your Walls Work for You
  • Wallpaper Your Office
  • Paint the Walls
  • Keep Your Color Palette Simple
  • Maximize Wall Space

  • Keep It Organized
  • Minimize Paper

  • Get Creative With Statement Pieces
  • Incorporate Vintage Finds
  • Make Furniture Do Double Duty
  • Think Vertically
  • Bookshelves Aren’t Just for Books

  • Add in Color
  • Throw In a Rug 

Examples of Three Totally Different Looks! Go with your personality and make your space work for you!

Choose Happy!!!

Melissa Dubroc, ASID
Registered Interior Designer
Louisiana License No. 1078
Studio Design LLC
1015 Wisteria Street
Alexandria, La.  71301

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