P is for PURPOSE


I am so excited about the fact that this month’s topic comes at the start of a new year. I spent a great deal of time last year letting go of things in my life that didn’t line up with my purpose. This includes everything from clutter around my house, to making healthy changes to rid myself of body clutter in 2020. The gifts God has given me, the purpose He has placed upon my heart, is different from anyone else. Being able to identify this by taking the time to clear away all obstacles that will detract me and allow me to focus in the New Year. Since I love a good play on words, you could say that 2020 is my year to have 20/20 focus.

Recently, I had a conversation with an old friend, and he mentioned that the focus and excitement I have with respect to my purpose resembles the focus I had for my goals and dreams when I first started college many years ago. He didn’t know why those dreams were cut short, and that part of my journey doesn’t matter. The important life lesson for all of us is that it doesn’t matter how old we are, we all have a purpose and a story to share. It’s never too late to dust off our dreams, hone our hopes and polish our purpose.

Mike Rowe recently posted a talk where he cautions the audience about focusing on their passion. He was encouraging young people, in particular, to look around at opportunity and the gifts they have been given and in that, they discover their passion by finding their purpose. For me, I am passionate about writing and speaking, but the reason that I am this way stems from the fact that I know that I am supposed to use my words, my writing, my story to give others hope. Yes, life led my once lofty, 20 something year old’s dreams in a different direction, but if it hadn’t, I would not have experienced the richness that life had to offer through experiences and friendships. I would not be able to cultivate my gifts and discover my true purpose and, thus, be able to put all of my creative passion into pursuing my goals.

It doesn’t matter what age and stage you are in life, discovering your purpose and sharing it with the world is THE most wonderful resolution you can make in this New Year. Until next month…
Blessings, Pauline


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