Recently, it was my pleasure to spend some time with Seth Jones, a longtime client at The Salon Pineville. Seth works in sales at Walker Toyota, and he offers his customers what he likes to call “hospitality,” and a genuine, unique approach to their buying needs.

Seth is a CenLa transplant. He moved here from Salem, Illinois in 2001 with his family when his father became pastor at an area church. It was a special move because his mom’s family is originally from Franklin Parish, so the relocation served two important purposes for the Jones family, a new congregation, and a chance to be close to family.

Shortly after landing in CenLa, and still in high school, Seth expresses how lucky he was to locate The Salon Pineville. It just happened to be in his neighborhood and he chose it, originally, for its convenience.

Now, 20 years later, he says going to The Salon Pineville is just like going home …

I interviewed Seth about his longtime affiliation with and love of The Salon Pineville. He offered some very insightful information for people looking for their “Forever Hair Home …” Tell us a little more about how you arrived at The Salon Pineville.

Seth: As I mentioned, it was in my neighborhood when I was in high school. In those days, I had various stylists do my hair. Over the years, some hairdressers moved, but I always knew I could trust the owner, Lynn Glaze, and her staff, I just felt so comfortable there.  I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I was always pleased. Who does your hair now, Seth?

Seth: Carol Morris has been my stylist for 10 years, and I always look forward to my time with her. She takes her time in every aspect of my visit, from the shampoo to the final touches. I can’t say enough about the pleasant experiences I have with Carol at The Salon. Being a longtime, satisfied client, please tell us what you like best about The Salon Pineville?

Seth: I honestly feel like I’m stepping into my “home” when I arrive at The Salon Pineville. And, I arrive often. I make it a point about every three weeks to take some “me” time, and there is no better place to spend that time than at The Salon. The experience is more like a “Spa Day.” I have always been so impressed by Lynn Glaze’s dedication to her industry and staff, her thriving desire to be sure her stylists have full accessibility to continuing education. I am aware of her passion for what she does, and it’s seen in her staff as well, as they all exude confidence in their work. All of this has become important to my experience at The Salon Pineville. I love the atmosphere, the joy I feel when I’m there, and I know I’m in for a special treat … the perfect cut and hair care every time!

I have watched The Salon Pineville in its evolution and growth. I’m so proud to say I have been a client there for half of its lifetime (40 years this year). I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a place to call “home,” and a most phenomenal hair care experience, you’ll definitely get it there!

Thank you, Seth, for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your experiences … a very interesting visit to The Salon Pineville through the eyes of a very satisfied customer!


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