by Jeff Basco

In this day and age, a vast number of people are utilizing the wealth of information that is available on the internet to research and price shop their next new or used automobile purchase. This practice is being used by well over 80% of automobile buyers, but there are some drawbacks to purchasing out of town.

First, each dollar you spend at a local business returns 3 times more money to the local economy than one dollar spent out-of-town. Buying from a locally owned business generates more local tax revenue per sales dollar. Our community depends upon taxes paid by local businesses and sales tax to fund our roads, schools and other essential services. That loss means higher tax rates and possibly fewer services down the road.

Your local dealership can employ more people directly for each dollar of revenue, and they are customers of local printers, accountants, wholesalers, office supply companies, etc., giving opportunities for new businesses and entrepreneurs. This is a key part of creating and retaining wealth in your community. In other words, going local creates more local revenue and jobs.

When shopping online, and I cannot stress this enough, no matter how friendly the salesperson is or how committed they are to a “superb customer experience,” the last thing you want to do is drive a long way to a dealership only to find out that the price you were told has changed or is no longer available.

In conclusion, by choosing local businesses for your services, shopping and other needs, you not only get great personalized service, you also strengthen the local economy, lower taxes and create jobs and opportunities!

Jeff Basco
GSM-Southern Chevrolet Cadillac
Alexandria LA 71303

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