by Dr. Randy Tompkins

One of God’s ways to bestow a blessing on his children is to surprise them.

During World War II, my father enlisted in the Navy. Because of his aptitude for mathematics and logical thinking, the Navy introduced him to a new invention called radar. They sent him to school at MIT and other locations of higher learning.

The war ended with my father stationed in Hawaii helping to refine the radar system on airplanes. At the conclusion of the war, he returned to Oklahoma to begin teaching and then farming.

After several years we moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where Dad obtained a job with Douglas Aircraft Company. Over the years, Douglas Aircraft merged with McDonald Aircraft and landed a contract to help build a new early warning radar system called AWACS. By this time, Dad was an electronic engineer supervisor and the training he had received many years before came back to help him.

He was one of the lead engineers for the McDonald Douglas Company in developing many parts of the AWACS system. God’s blessing came to my father many years after God had started Dad down a path.

We have a Biblical illustration of this process in Joshua 14:6-14. It is the story of Caleb.

Caleb was one of two spies sent into the Promised Land that gave a positive report.

Forty-five years later, at the age of 85, Israel is getting ready to conquer Canaan and to inhabit it. Caleb asks Joshua for the mountain as his portion.

Caleb conquered the mountain as God had promised and established a wonderful heritage for his family yet to be born.

When you face what seems like a defeat, don’t despair. God may bring a blessing to you out of that defeat weeks, months, or years later.

In Christ’s Service,

Dr. Randy Tompkins

Interim Senior Adult Minister Calvary Baptist Church

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