by Jennifer DePriest

      Books, not only do I love to read them, but I often include them when decorating, as well. For Valentine’s, I cooked a dinner for my boys and their girlfriends. As I started decorating, I found a book that was the perfect color to add to my table setting, but it was the title that really struck me, Three Fates, by Nora Roberts. I am blessed with three caring, funny and smart children, and each of their lives has a different fate. As a mom, I find peace in knowing that while they each possess their own individual love languages, they each have beautiful hearts, and possess incredible character. I have always been the type who never cared much about keeping up with others, feeling more comfortable marching to the beat of my own drum. It is with great pride that I can see that my own children are also comfortable in their own skin.

     Last fall I began to research how character can be added into my courses. Teaching computer science, a field that has literally helped change the world, I am very passionate about instilling character, not just in my own children, but into my students as well. In my studies, I have come to the realization that if I look first at how I have done this at home, then I can mirror the same behavior to help my students develop character.     Feeling a bit under the weather this week, I cancelled my weekly trip to the Boys & Girls Club. What a blessing when I received a text from the counselor, letting me know that one of my young students just wanted me to know he was praying for me. I am teaching these young children to write computer programs, but in the process, I am also watching their character form. When we help our children, and when I help my students develop character and compassion, they can then go out into the world and have an incredible impact.

     Each child that I come in contact with has the potential of having a different fate, but if I can help them see their potential, while also developing skills that will aid in the development of their character, then my legacy will reach beyond the three fates that I have been blessed with in my own children. So how about you? When was the last time that you looked around at the activities in which you are involved, and truly examined how they could be used to help build character in others, or aid in changing someone’s fate? How could you have a life changing impact on the world? Remember, you don’t necessarily have to travel to another country to make this happen. Sometimes all you have to do is simply walk into the other room. So with spring just around the corner, think about how you could help someone’s character bloom. You never know, you may also change their fate in the process for the better.





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