by Pauline Reneaux

     For this month’s piece, I decided to write on a topic that we often shy away from, risk. When writers decide to send their work out into the world, we truly are taking a risk. Depending on what we write about, we can become soldiers for others, allowing our work to shine a spot light on causes that need to be addressed, and victories that need to be celebrated.

     Though I have been writing for almost 10 years now, this month is very special to me because I am trying something completely new. Bringing one’s dream to life can happen at any age, I am a perfect example of that. What I have learned over the past several months is that our dreams can become a reality when we least expect it. In January, I started praying a simple prayer, “God, give me the words.” I originally meant for Him to give me the words I needed to finish my manuscript, but I have walked through this life long enough to know that His plans always exceed my own. In the first 30 days of the New Year, I was asked to submit a proposal based on some research I started last year, and just a few days later I discovered that there was another opportunity, but this would involve my creative work.

     When life gives you lemons, what do you do? Well duh, you turn them into a play, of course!!! Writing a play had never been something I had entertained before, but remember, I had been praying that one little prayer. So when I discovered that the topic for the plays this year was “You’ve Got to Be Kidding,” it was like the light bulb went off. I knew exactly which chapter to turn into a play from the minute they made the announcement. And the words truly came effortlessly, often in the wee hours of the morning, but writers will tell you, day or night, when you can write, write.

     A dear friend asked me if I was scared or nervous about having my work sent out into the world in this type of medium, and I said, no, because it’s time. The importance of this really struck me this morning for several reasons. I have to make sure that my words, not only clearly convey to the actresses and actor in the play what I want them to see and feel, but that the audience will also see and feel the meaning as well. I am in awe that my simple little prayer that I began saying in January, “God, give me the words,” has led me to this place. And in the stillness of this rainy morning, I couldn’t help but say that prayer again, because once I send my words out into the world, I am trusting 4 complete strangers to take them, and use them to help me change the world … one play, one magazine article, one screenplay, one novel at a time.

     Yes, sometimes life does give us lemons, but when we can use them to create something sweet, that does not make us bitter, then, I think we should share that with the world. Yes, I am taking a risk, but it’s time. Sometimes in order to change the world around us, to help give others hope, we have to be willing to take a chance, to risk it all. All it takes is one simple little prayer, by a 50 something year old lady, to help make a difference in the world.


Wish me luck!! Until next month…

Blessings, Pauline


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