There’s No Place Like Home

by Jennifer DePriest

318 is not just an area code to me, it is home. After spending 13 years traveling around the world and back again, this was the place where family became the center of our world.

Central Louisiana is the heart of our state, bringing elements of culture and food and fun from all of the distinct regions into one location. Our magazine,, is so proud of our community and the writers who bring you stories each month so that you, too, may discover all that Central Louisiana in the 318 area code has to offer for you and your family.

These unprecedented times have led to more and more outdoor excursions so people can enjoy family and nature, while at the same time, stopping to admire the beauty of the landscape that we have the privilege of calling home. Home is a place where your heart feels at peace, and you can bloom into the person you were always meant to be. In the coming weeks and months, as more and more establishments open, we hope you get to explore all that 318 Central has to offer.

Watching out community come together and support each other reminds me once more why we moved back home 13 years ago and chose to raise our family here. Home is where I can just be me.

As an LSU Alumnus, I will forever treasure purple & gold, but I think we all do. 318 is not just an area code, it is where all of the Louisiana traditions come together and create the place I call home.


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