By Ron Cook

Here is an offering of poetry for Fathers….
The first is a recent piece for my own dear dad.

My Father

My father was a simple man,
But not in money earned,
He chose to live a simple life,
While in the earth he churned.

He liked to plow the furrows straight,
He liked to smell the dirt,
He loved to plant his strawberries,
And eat them for dessert.

He loved my mother strong and true,
She knew this every day,
And even though he spoke not much,
His words were guidance ways.

I didn’t know my father well,
Except the times that count,
He gave me wisdom I have used,
He loved me there’s no doubt!

And so I’ve tried to pass him on,
To children I have had,
I want them know that tender love,
That I got from my dad.

This next is a short piece written by my brother, the priest, about his days at the nursing homes…


Monday start with a nursing home Mass then,
Manna house,
Then off to a second nursing home Mass…

So much raw Earthy, humanity
In one day…

Listen, listen, listen,
Pray if it is appropriate,
Give hope when I can,
Listen some more,
Give a gentle hug to the long suffering,
With a soft, “I love you”
Whispered in their ear
To those who cannot talk.

This one was written for the family of a local Alexandria father who passed away…

Mr. Jimmy

Life’s a marathon, I’m told,
Not a sprint to get the Gold,
Along the way just keep an easy pace,
Don’t get caught worn out from the race.

And what’s the Gold we all can seek,
Its family, love, and good food so sweet,
So take your time along the way,
Bend over, kiss children, join them in play.

Teach every child to love the Lord,
Teach them their prayers and church to go,
Let them see you on your knees bent,
Teach that blessings are Heaven sent.

Take time to teach a child the rules,
Don’t let them learn the rules from fools,
Reward the good and note the bad,
Treat each child as if you were the dad.

Teach each boy to love his mom,
And he will love his wife in time,
And girls love fathers first, you know,
By seeing mother treat him so.

So, in this world the greatest goal,
Is loving family through each woe,
And if you’ve done this job so well,
You’ll have a family like Mr. Jimmy Thiels!

Ron Cook

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