By Melissa Dubroc , ASID

If you’re a neat freak, and you just don’t like things to be out in the way or sitting all over the counters, then these drawers are definitely for you. They keep things insanely organized and they are in the best places in your home. If you need better organization in your home-check out these amazing drawers.

If you have small children in your home, you know that they always need help reaching the sink to brush their teeth or wash their hands. You can buy a stool and have it in front of the sink, but that will always be in the way and it can just get annoying. This handy-dandy built-in step stool just pulls right out from under the sink and you can push it back in when you’re done!

Don’t you just hate when you buy fresh produce at the store and it goes bad before you even get good use out of it? With these products and bread drawers, you will be able to keep your produce and bread fresh for a lot longer than just a few days. Also, it will be out of the way and off the counter!

If you have a bunch of cookie sheets, baking pans, things of that sort, these drawers are something you need in your kitchen. Make use of the few inches below your cabinets and store all that stuff in here! Perfect!

It always makes you feel stressed and unorganized when your laundry room is really messy and out of order. If clothes and baskets are all over the place, how are you supposed to know what’s clean, what’s dirty? Organize your laundry with these fantastic pull-out drawers with baskets in them!

Another thing you need in your laundry room is this built-in ironing board. It looks a lot better when your ironing board isn’t always laying out with clothes all over it, so you can just fold it back into its hiding cabinet when you’re done, your laundry room will be a much cleaner place.

Having a knife set on your counter looks completely fine, but if you would like your knives to be stored away and not all thrown in a drawer where you could get hurt trying to grab one, this drawer comes in handy. This pull-out knife block is thin enough to fit in a small area and you can fit a good number of knives right there.

This is every girl’s dream cabinet! You can store all of your hair tools in here even while they are hot, and they will be out of the way. You can also fit hair products in the bottom of this cabinet, as well.

The cutting board over the trash can is such a great idea. You can cut everything you need here and all of the scraps just go right down the hole in the middle. No hassle of having to carry a big mess across the kitchen to a trash can.

The skinny bonus pantry is perfect because it is big enough to fit a good amount of things in, but small enough to fit in an area where nothing else would particularly go. Might as well use it for something, this seems like a good use.

This has to be one of your favorite drawers! A pull out drawer with the dog food bowls in it. It is much nicer to have them stored away, rather than in the corner somewhere. Just pull it out when your dog is ready to eat! It is the perfect size for an average dog. Also, there is a cabinet that pulls out with all of the dog food in it so it is easy to get to and also not in the open.

For all you coffee lovers … if you love K-Cups like most people do these days, this is a good drawer for you. Organize all your cups in this drawer and then just open it up and pick one!

Who would’ve thought to put cupboards under the stairs? Perfect storage cabinets where you can put games, snow gear, rain gear, shoes, and anything else you want to keep out of the way!

This secret bar is similar to a mini fridge, but it hides like a regular drawer so no one will know! It looks nice and blended in your kitchen and it is easy to grab something when you want it!

This is something most everyone needs in their kitchen. One of the hardest things to organize in a home are storage containers. You can’t get them to fit in a cabinet, you lose lids, etc. This cabinet just opens up and slides out and has all of your lids and containers nice and organized and ready to go!

This snack station drawer is perfect to hold all of your favorite snacks. If you want to access your favorites easily, but you don’t want them placed on the counter, you can put them in this cabinet. When you want one of the snacks, open it up … pull it out … and snack away!

Credits: Home and Garden Design Ideas


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