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by Ronny Green

Once in a while, we love to reminisce, so we’re going to take you back to one of the many wonderful reviews our special, one and only best reviewer around, Ronny Green, has offered up. One of our favorite places in Cenla, not only has it served our communities for over 50 years, it’s dining experience is awesome. Once you revisit this review, we know you’ll be headed in that direction for some Food, Fun, and Friends! Enjoy …


In my continual quest for the spreading of good vibes and receiving good vibes, I found myself outside on Spirits’ patio basking in the glow of a sunny Saturday afternoon.

The good vibrations are definitely flowing as I start my second mimosa and Dief has pulled up just in time for the blueberry rum concoction the bartender has whipped up. Due to the ambiance of the patio tucked away in the back corner of Spirits surrounded by colorful foliage, it’s almost impossible not to indulge in some customary day drinking.

Thankfully, the Chef has prepared a 3 course pregame brunch to keep us on pace for a day of shenanigans. First, the Sensation Salad: grilled chicken breast tossed with croutons and drizzled with Spirits’ blend of garlic, romano cheese, lemon juice and olive oil.

Next up, and maybe my new favorite brunch groceries situation, Blackened Snapper over cheese grits with roasted garlic, sautéed spinach decorated with a red wine reduction.

Don’t take my feeble attempt at describing this flavor, take a look at the pictures, then head over to the patio and try it yourself.

For dessert, the Chef has delighted us with a Triple Chocolate Brownie covered in pecans, raspberry marshmallows and vanilla ice cream.

The staff brings with them years of kitchen experience and  restaurant professionalism which adds to Spirits’ already stellar reputation. Together, they’re determined to continue distributing a bit of normalcy as we continue to navigate through our new norm when dining out.

Unchain yourself and get in the mix of good food, good friends and top tier ambiance served up at Spirits, locally grown since 1967.

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Ronny Green
Ronny G lives in the NeighborHood Star Entertainment promotions department,
only comes out for good food and a good time …
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