by John T. MacDougall

John T. MacDougall is an award-winning Fine Art Artist and Published Author, working and living in Cloutierville, LA.

John’s novel, “Rene Bernard,” is a fictional tale that begins at a present day exclusive art auction, but quickly moves to 19th Century France, where the artist, “Rene Bernard,” is born into an oysters fishing family on The Etang De Thau in the South of France.

Rene, being unable to join the family fishing business, is mentored by his older sister, Marie, and becomes an artist. Moving to Paris, the hub of the art world.

This is a story of love, action, adventure, sorrow and pain. This is a story of a young man’s journey through life and the strong and capable woman that supported him.
John spent four years researching and writing this tale.

This novel, “Rene Bernard,” is available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle and audio formats. John’s novel can be read in most languages. Please read the reviews on Amazon for further information.

John, as a fine art artist, paints in artist grade oil paints and rare earth pigments from around the world. All of John’s work is archival. When making paints with rare earth pigments, John uses linseed, poppy or walnut oil, depending on the effect he desires on the sub-straight.

John paints on pre-stretched canvas, hand stretched canvas, hand stretched linen and hand stretched jute. John stretches his sub-straights using copper nails rather than staples as would the old masters. To size raw canvas, linen or jute, John uses rabbit skin glue that he prepares and applies, as has been done throughout history.

John’s subjects in paintings include figurative, animals, birds and such. John produced the cover to his novel, “Rene Bernard,” and the paintings that accompany the book are in oil paints. John continues to paint characters and scenes from the story.

To view some of John’s work, please visit
John has some work that is rarely seen. If you are interested in the work, please contact John at:
If you have any questions or comments, please contact John at gmail account or 318.379.6035.

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