by Pauline Reneaux

When was the last time you did something totally random, just for the fun of it, there wasn’t an occasion? I realize that this is an unusual question this time of year, but let me explore this idea a little further. About a year ago, I stumbled across the most beautiful Bundt cake pans. I created my first Bundt cake masterpiece for my Easter article this year. I have never been the “let’s bake from scratch” kind of gal … that is … until I discovered these beautiful Bundt cake pans. So now, I don’t wait for special occasions to create these works of art. Friends and family send me recipes to try and, when I’m feeling creative, I bake. I love to see the beauty that is sculpted from a few ingredients and intricate pans, which are, themselves, works of art.

In the process, I have also discovered something else, that Michael Pollen wrote about in his book, Cooked. When we bake from scratch, we don’t eat as many sweets because people aren’t going to bake from scratch every day. There is also such a difference when you bake from scratch, or really, cook anything that has as few preservatives as possible. I have also found that friends and family enjoy my creations so much they often pass on dessert when they are at restaurants and wait for mine. I have to say, not waiting for a special occasion to create something that makes the recipients feel like it’s a special occasion, well, there is no better feeling in the world.

Is there something that you will only do on a “special occasion?” I, for one, have had china for 31 years and I have NEVER used it, so get ready, that is going to be on my list of things to do in the New Year. So many of us save the nice things in life for the rare special occasions, and if we aren’t careful, 31 years can pass by and we have never let ourselves enjoy the beautiful things in our lives. For 2020 don’t wait for a special occasion, create one. You will enjoy it and so will those you share your life with.

Until next month…

Blessings, Pauline


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