by Peter John Ladetto

“Nite On Fire”
Acrylic on Canvas

The original Dream Energy painting. Are there such things as accidents or coincidences?

Prior to making this painting, I had been using my simple flip phone to view the world through its camera’s negative filter, finding the world through inverse colors fascinating. I then had a dream about painting in this color spectrum.

Composing this painting originally as a simple Jim Morrison portrait in black skin with fiery hair, I used the flip phone camera to document the finished painting when in that moment, the camera flashed in the negative briefly, revealing the positive image of Morrison’s portrait. Thus was born the Dream Energy series.

Thanks to Romain Beauxis, a long time New Orleans resident, programmer, musician and photographer, we have the Fluxonart app which is itself a negative filter, allowing one to view the hidden dimension of the Dream Energy series instantly.

View the entire series across all social media at Dream Energy Works and at ShiNola Gallery also on Facebook.

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Southern Heritage Bank 728×90
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Southern Heritage 728×90 to separate them
CLTCC – banner
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