A Food Review by Ronny Green

As we continue to adopt to our new normal, I hope you all are masked up and practicing social distancing. Just as we work together to eliminate the effects of the current pandemic, local restaurants need our support, as they continue reopening their doors at limited capacities.

Today, I find myself in the familiar setting … a lunch meeting. And, although this is my first time eating at the Bentley Room, it isn’t my first time visiting the gorgeous Hotel Bentley property. Not having to wait in a long drive-through line or wait on a delivery driver to bring my lunch brings back a nostalgic feeling. That sense of nostalgia is only heightened by the Bentley Room’s opulent interior design. The rich history of the Hotel Bentley can be felt throughout the Bentley Room’s spacious dining area with linen tablecloths covering tables arranged in an acceptable socially distancing manner.

Sous Chef Matthew has prepared a tasty assortment of lunch plates today and, just as I take my seat, Bentley Room manager Molly brings out a starter salad. The “sensational salad,” as it is listed on the menu, delivers on its name, as it is simple leafy greens, cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella tossed in a housemade dressing. About halfway in, a plate of four fried green tomatoes, resting underneath a wine reduction crawfish cardinale sauce arrives and immediately takes my attention and my fork away from the salad. Dief and I make quick work of this remixed kitchen classic, as Matt and Molly continue the parade of plates from the kitchen. I had the maple bacon bourbon salmon, accompanied by a half dozen shrimp swimming in a decadent bbq butter sauce. This is when the whole “wash your hands” thing is extremely important because the bbq butter sauce is sure to have you licking your fingers. The blackened salmon with lemon, topped with shrimp, is another option Matthew has whipped up. I highly recommend sharing with the table. Last, but most certainly not least, is the blueberry bread pudding … to go please!

Matthew takes pride in working under Chef Jessica and ensuring all plates he sends out come back cleaned from guests like myself, mopping up all the saucy, creamy goodness of his kitchen creations. Molly and her incredible staff are proud to carry on the stellar history of the Hotel Bentley. Serving up incredible food at a fair price inside an intimate setting, they look forward to creating new memories from weddings to birthdays to your everyday lunch get togethers inside the Bentley Room.

Ronny Green

Ronny G lives in the NeighborHood Star Entertainment promotions department, only comes out for good food and a good time..

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