For many of us, August brings a few last chances for warm weather fun. We have a few more days to enjoy lighter road traffic before schools go back into session. Perhaps we have a few more casual-dress days at the office to enjoy. Summer has been an ideal time to be a little more relaxed and to take breaks … like taking a road trip or two, indulging in hobbies, or simply just resting in quiet moments reading books. The intense heat of the summer nudged us to seek out opportunities for fun, respite and relief.

This time of year, however, can also be exhausting. We may find it extra difficult to mow the grass, walk the dog or complete a day of errands/grocery shopping. Those who labor outdoors are feeling the full effects of scorching heat day after day, and it’s really taking its toll on them. Expenses can also take their toll on us, such as higher electric bills and back-to-school expenses. Like all seasons, everyone is living in the exact same moment of time, but everyone is experiencing highs, lows, challenges and fun, differently.

August brings closure to the summer’s seasonal chapter of our year. August also brings anticipation for the next chapter as we start to adjust and resume more usual routines and activities. August challenges us to persevere, to plan, and to also be hopeful for the joy of Fall. Whatever our August looks like, eyes of faith recognize that all of life’s activities conform to the Lord’s seasonal authority. With faith, it’s clear to see that the Lord desires us to evolve in cycles and to constantly propel forward. Faith provides the grace, energy, strength, wisdom, motivation and endurance we need to navigate each season uniquely … with clarity, peace, trust and joy in our hearts.

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