I know, I know.

On the one hand, there is a desire to achieve all of the life enhancements keto living seems to offer, while on the other hand, there is a strong need for Mexican night and a big margarita to wash away the stress of a hard workday.

I want it all.

Talking with my friend, Josh Guidry of Southern Glazers Wine and Spirits, there is a way to have it all and have it served up at one of my favorite local Mexican restaurants, Mi Tierra!

Josh told about a Keto-friendly version of a margarita which uses Agave syrup, Bacardi Lime rum and Cazadores tequila to form a goblet of goodness called Daiquirita. As a former bartender myself, I was slightly skeptical of straying from my favorite tequila, but Josh assured me that Cazadores is on par with Patron. Barcardi Lime, which only launched in April of this year, has been the most successful Bacardi flavor introduction in the company history.

Josh and I met up at Mi Tierra’s to see if it would be all I anticipated and what a suggested pairing in keeping with my keto criteria would be from the restaurant. Our bartender, Joe, served our frozen Daiquiritas and they did not disappoint. The drink was a lively, pale-green in color with none of the fake, neon green mix (how do people manage to get them that awful color, and it never tastes good). It went down smooth, with crystal clear notes of lime and citrus. This was far superior to what I anticipated and delicious to the end. There was a lightness throughout, as opposed to a heavy concentration of ingredients in the last sips.

Our meal consisted of a chicken fajita sans tortilla. It was beautifully plated with an avocado rose. The seasoned chicken breast, caramelized onions and green peppers, indeed, the perfect partner to the Daiquirita. I could not believe that in all my visits to Mi Tierra, I never knew this deliciously filling alternative was available to experience. It checked off all of my boxes for eating better without sacrificing a thing. For beer lovers, a Dos Equis with Bacardi Lime is another recommendation. I am not saying it is keto, but it is good.

How could this get any better?

Mi Tierra has a pottery cup they sell for $20, which holds two margaritas. It comes filled with your margarita or Daiquirita and can be brought back on future visits. You can either refill it for $5, if you have a regular margarita, or slightly more for the Daiquirita, but what a bargain?! It is also a beautiful piece of pottery.

Cenla Pairing and Mi Tierra will be doing a “like and share” campaign which will give some lucky reader a chance to win one of these beautiful pottery cups for their own. Thank you for reading. I hope this leads you to new discoveries of your own.

Remember: Life is made of moments; pair them well! is proud to welcome Jodi Marze Belgard to our family of contributors. Jodi will be providing insightful, interesting stories related to wining, dining and special experiences pairing your favorite food and drink. We are very excited about Jodi joining us to bring you yet another aspect of the Best of Central Louisiana! Warmest regards, Jodi …

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