by Jude Southerland Kessler

And so this is New Year’s … and what have I done?

Well, let me tell you. It’s only a coupla days into the New Year and, already, I’ve broken three of my five brand new resolutions! I haven’t worked daily on my next Lennon book. I haven’t spent daily time in prayer. And I’ve lost my temper (yes, already!) with a good number of various and sundry people. In only a handful of days.

I’m willing to take the blame here, but … maybe (just maybe) I’m failing miserably because the resolutions I’ve created are pledges that I just can’t keep. Perhaps I’d do better from here on out if I turn to The Beatles for some hints on how to live successfully in 2020.

Hmmm, I wonder what resolutions the lads would have to offer?

From: John, Paul, George, and Ringo
To: Jude Kessler… et al…

Hey Jude,

Let It Be Resolved That Herein This Year, Y’ Should

1. Take a sad song and make it better. (Always look for the bright side. Read Lanea Stagg’s uplifting children’s book, Little Dog in the Sun. It has a beautiful lesson for us all.)

2. Follow the sun. (Seek the best in every moment. Read Victoria Moran’s Creating a Charmed Life. Read The John Lennon Series! LOL! Smile and make others smile as well.)

3. Run … for your life, if y’can! (or walk, skip, swim, whatever! Stay active!)

4. Try to see it my way (or his way, or her way … consider the opinions and outlooks of others).

5. Lead a better life. (Strive to make each day meaningful, if only in some small way …)

6. Get back to where you once belonged. (Spend time with family and lifelong friends … cherish that special time together.)

7. Sing in the dead of night. (Face life with “a brave face.”)

8. Get up and dance to a song. (Dance it off. Dance it on. Dance, dance, dance!)

9. See the world spinnin’ round. (Notice the miraculous beauty all around you.)

10. Love forever and forever. Love with all your heart. Love when you’re together. Love when you’re apart.

11. Try not to sing out of key. (Fit in when you can. Harmonize when you cannot. Or best of all, be a beautiful solo.)

12. Forget the tears we cried. (Don’t dwell in the dark side … let the hurts and anger go.)

13. Carry that weight a long time. (Endure what you must endure, just the way we endured the pressures and stress of Beatlemania. Take life one day at a time.)

14. Promise to be true. (Be faithful to those who trust you.)

And finally…

15. Let it be.

But most of all remember: With our love, with our love, we could save the world!

Here’s to 2020, luv! May it rock (’n ever roll over, Beethoven)!

Your 1-n-Only Be-at-les!

Wow! Now, these things, I think I might be able to do! Or at least I can try.
How about you? What’s your resolve, à la The Beatles, for 2020? Write in and let us hear from you!

Here at, we wish you love, health and happiness in the year to come. Happy New Year … and we send it along, with love, from us to you!

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