by Dr. Randy Tompkins

Genesis 1:1

Three of the most powerful words in any language are the words “In the beginning.”

They symbolize so many things. They can mean the start of something never experienced before. They can represent something that may seem familiar but is different in its meaning. They can represent an era of our life that comes into clear focus in our mind even as we say or read those words.For the child of God, there is one definition of these words that is powerful – creation.

The full statement of Genesis 1:1 is: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” It is the first written account in the modern Bible of God coming into the picture and will expand to include all of mankind and all of God’s creation.

It may seem that we are traveling down a familiar road because things seem to be familiar from time to time. However, we need to keep one thought at the forefront of our awareness – the next moment of our life has never happened exactly as it is going to happen. It is truly a new day each morning.

As we awaken each morning, we should greet the day before us as a gift and an experiment. It is a gift because we get to experience God’s creation He has given us. It is an experiment to see how we will interact with God to guide us through the day before us. God made the day for us to experience His leadership in our life throughout the day.

From the beautiful sunrise of each day through the gorgeous sunset of the day, we should strive to see God’s hand guiding us and give Him the glory for allowing us to experience it.

In Christ’s Service,

Dr. Randy Tompkins

Interim Senior Adult Minister Calvary Baptist Church

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