Brought To You By Burg Ransom

It’s that month we openly (or, maybe, secretly) await and, sometimes, dread. We’re eyeing the cooler weather, many folks in our Sportsman’s Paradise are getting itchy, but we also approach it with caution because we know that it’s hurricane season (we’re addressing the elephant in the room) …

No matter what we come up against, we just know we’ll get through it; we’ll always stand tall together, and in the end, we’ll always be Louisiana Proud.

Here you will see some of the many reasons we are proud to be “Louisiana.” Burg brings us wonderful photos each month, showcasing what Mother Nature has bestowed upon us, and they’re always such a joy!

So, you know what time it is … we invite you to sit back, relax, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy these amazing photos from our very favorite Nature Photographer, Burg Ransom …




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