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by Jennifer DePriest

October is here! This is my favorite time of the year. As the leaves start to fall off the trees, I am reminded once again of when I wrote about learning to let go. Last month, most of our community was impacted by Hurricane Laura. This made me think of my mom, she used to say, “Who is there when the ox is in the ditch?” Who showed up with water or a generator? Who lent a hand to help you? Who took time to pray for you and your family when you needed it most? The more I reflected on this time, the more it made me look back over the past several years. Who was there when life gave me lemons?

While COVID may have kept us home more, I find it’s given me more time to stop, be still and ask myself these questions. Am I getting my worth from people, places or things that matter? Did any of these things matter or did people show up when the “ox was in the ditch?”

The process of analyzing one’s life to answer these questions, while emotional at times, also brings with it peace and freedom. Once we can truly embrace the fact that we are indeed “fearfully and wonderfully made,” and all that matters is that we find our worth from the One who made us, then the opinions of others fall away like the leaves in October. They don’t matter, because this is just a season. The people, places and things in our lives are forever changing, so if we try to find our worth from these things, we are ultimately setting ourselves up for disappointment. This process goes hand in hand with finding our purpose, knowing our why.

Some people know their purpose from a very young age, and others see their purpose, their why birthed from life experiences.

For me, knowing my purpose, my why is what gets me up before the chickens, writing, writing, writing. When we know our worth, know our why, then those who were nowhere to be found when the ox was in the ditch no longer matter. Their actions and opinions do not
determine my worth. God has given each of us gifts, and when we use them, it makes Him proud, that’s THE only thing that matters. When we can dive into our purpose, pouring our passion into our why, then our worth comes from knowing we are working for Him. Work like this never lets us down. So, as the seasons on the calendar change, maybe it’s time to look at your own life …

Where do you find your worth? 2020 has made us have to rethink a lot of things, so why not think about this. Until next month…



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