Born in Memphis during the heyday of rock and roll, and raised in the rich musical gumbo that is South Louisiana, Dony Wynn’s rhythmic nuance appears nothing short of preordained.

Playing drums since the age of 3, he turned professional at the tender age of 13 – fake mustache and all. Shortly thereafter, Wynn left the comforts of home and small town life for the bright lights of stages and recording studios all over the world. As a master rhythmatist, Wynn has performed with countless world class musicians. Fellow collaborators include the likes of Dr. John, Robert Palmer, Patti LaBelle, Brooks and Dunn, and Robert Plant, among many others,.

It was during his 25 year career with Palmer, a photo enthusiast himself, that Wynn begin to see and capture his own photographic rhythm. Relying upon a well worn Nikkormat camera, one he purloined from a used car salesman who’d won it in a game of bourre’, Wynn discovered a new expressive realm.

Greatly inspired by the creative works of both filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick, and photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Wynn has leapt into the proverbial deep end. While fully embracing the aesthetic limitations of each master, he continues to draw upon their manifest genius in cultivating his own distinct palette.

Determined to extract the rhythm of saints and sinners alike, Wynn prefers to take the road others fear tread.

What you see here is rust, trash by any other name. The stuff you avoid. I find treasure in these battlefields. I conjure paintings where nature is reclaiming everything man has built.

You can see more of my work @ Ephemerata Dony Wynn Foto on Facebook and my website If you are interested in purchasing any of my work, or if you have any questions about it, contact me privately at

Dony Wynn
SKYPE donywynn

Photo Credit: Andrew Stearns

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