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This Fabulous February, we are pleased to spotlight one of the best reasons to visit The Salon Pineville … meet one of CenLa’s Finest Stylists, Cheryl Barlow. 

Cheryl was born with “stylist” in her blood! More about that in our interview with her below. Her loyalty and dedication are exemplified in the joy she provides her clients and in their love of her work!

During this month of celebrating Love, we can’t tell you this story about Cheryl without mentioning that she met her husband, Robert, at The Salon Pineville! We’ll get back to this, too, in the QandA!

Cheryl has many strengths behind her chair. Of them, some of her favorites include: men’s grooming, color, cuts and extensions. However, you may rest assured, if you want it, she can do it!

Due to to Cheryl’s busy schedule, she was kind enough to share some of her off time for a Q&A interview with us. Get to know Cheryl, you’re going to love her! How many years have you been at The Salon Pineville? We also know you are its Manager, how long?

Cheryl: I’m heading into my 40th year with Lynn Glaze and The Salon. Briefly, we were Sheer Reflections and in another location. The Salon Pineville will be 40 this year and I came on board two months after they opened.

I have been Manager here 32+ wonderful years. What made you choose to become a hair stylist?

Cheryl: From the time I was 5 years old, I just knew. In those day, ladies styled their hair frequently, Bouffants, French Twists, etc., and this pretty much made my Mom’s hair off limits. I was very lucky, though, to have some long haired uncles who were happy to let me “work” on them. It was just something I was destined to do.

In 11th and 12th grades, I began Beauty School. Shortly after graduating, I received my license and started my career in the beauty and hair health service industry. Any special memories or events during your remarkable tenure with The Salon Pineville?

Cheryl: Well, there are so many. When I first interviewed with Lynn, it went well, but the key factor for me was when she said, “Continuing Education is mandatory!” That was THE motivator for me. 

We have traveled quite a bit over the years, and while these trips always included fun experiences, they were all based upon continuing our education in our ever evolving industry. I have now logged over 100 classes that have allowed me to grow, remain in the loop, and provide my clients exactly what they want. I attribute my success to this helpful, necessary training.

I think our most memorial trip was after I’d been here 20 years, we went to Hawaii! That was special, for sure! We understand you met your husband, Robert, at The Salon Pineville. How long have you been married?

Cheryl: 35 years. Robert was actually my client. I guess a little bird told him I was single … and, of course, his next appointment included a date invitation … and, as they say, the rest is history! We are looking forward to many more amazing years together. And, finally, what do you and Robert like to do when you find spare time?

Cheryl: I love to draw and paint, and I also take classes to power up my skills.

Robert and I enjoy outdoor activities. We often strike out to new, interesting locations in our RV and end up in somewhere fun. We were active in a Mardi Gras Krewe in New Orleans for many years, and now we usually attend a ball somewhere. They are such fun!

For all your salon needs, Cheryl is the perfect choice! Once you are in her chair, we know you’ll find your “Stylist for Life!”

To Request an Appointment: or Call Cheryl: (318) 442-8282




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