by Jennifer DePriest

There is something about the stillness of the morning that allows me to move so many mountains. I often start my day before some people are even going to sleep. It is a routine that has just come naturally. As I fixed my coffee today, I discovered something new.

Each packet of Truvia had a different message. Though I have been using this product for years, I never noticed this before. Maybe it is because I am at the age where “readers” are a must, or maybe I have been so busy hurrying through my morning routine that I just missed these little messages. Was I just trying to get caffeinated to accomplish the things on my “to do” list?

While many of us find ourselves in a daze, as we try to survive these unprecedented times, it is nice to find words of encouragement. As I put on my glasses to look at the little morning messages, I could not help but smile. Dream Big the little packet instructed. This might not be significant to most, but the fact that I am also studying Bob Goff’s book with the same title … well, the God wink was not lost on me. It is important for us in these crazy, crazy times to embrace the moments when we can stop and smell the coffee. If coffee is not your thing, then buy yourself a bouquet of roses. My point is, we all need to take a break from the events of our day that whirl all around us and be in the moment. Life goes by so very quickly, and the moments where we can appreciate the little things in life become even more precious the older, we become.

This morning, as I am reminded to Dream Big, I took some time to reflect on what that means to me. We are never too old to dream, and if we are going to dream, why not dream big. For me, I want to use my creativity and passion for writing to one day help others.

Identifying how I will do that, and what I want that to look like gives my spirit a boost that far surpasses the caffeine in coffee. All of this is happening for me because I take the time to observe the little things. I take the time to savor the coffee and smell the roses. I am getting better about taking time to take care of me so that I can be around for my family and friends. It is through this time and these moments that I can dream big and plan my journey to make my big dreams a reality.

Though 2020 has been an unprecedented, and stressful time, it has also allowed me to lean into the goals I set in January. My focus has allowed me to see life with 20/20 vision, and indeed I am going through a stage of metamorphosis. The year has forced me to slow down, to take the time to smell the coffee and the roses. Sometimes we must make a conscious decision to do this, but what a blessing it is. So why not use November to take some time to stop and smell the coffee or roses or the Thanksgiving meal and truly reflect on what you are thankful for. Do not be so focused on getting to tomorrow that you miss the sweet little moments of the day, that may be right in front of you.




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