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This month’s spotlight shines brightly on another longtime member of the team that glows at The Salon Pineville, Stephanie McQueen. Stephanie is so excited to be celebrating her 10th Anniversary in August as a member of that team. She spent some time with me recently telling me about her experiences and the many joys working at The Salon Pineville has brought her over the years. She’s a bit shy at first, but when she begins to tell me about her love of family, faith, and her dream come true job, she’s a firecracker! So who better to interview in July? Thank you, Stephanie, for finding time from you busy schedule to get together with me. Please give us a little of your history.

Stephanie: I have lived in and around the Pineville/Deville areas all my life. I attended Menard High School and, later, Pineville Beauty School. I have been married almost 10 years and have an adorable 6 year old at home. We are avid animal rescuers, so the fact we have 5 cats will come as no surprise. I also enjoy Photography as a very satisfying hobby. Often, people know instinctively what they want to do with there lives, was that true for you?

Stephanie: Yes and no. In high school, I knew being a stylist was my ambition. However, just to be sure, I decided to attend college so, when I graduated high school, I pursued a communications major at LSUA. Two years in, I heard the calling and couldn’t seem to deny it. That’s when I knew it was time for Pineville Beauty School. And I haven’t looked back from that point forward. With your 10th Anniversary on the horizon, I’d like to say Congratulations and wish you many more, and to ask you about your time at The Salon Pineville.

Stephanie: It has truly been the answer to my hopes and dreams. There is no better place for me. The Salon Pineville makes me feel warm, welcomed, like I’m home every day! I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends/coworkers. They are loyal, dedicated employees who extend a helping hand, advice if needed, and are always there for me. Our unity makes it so easy to be a team that works well together. The support system is amazing from my coworkers and, also, from my wonderful group of clients. After all, we couldn’t do it without our clients, and I send a shout out to all of mine present and future, you all play such an important roll in my life, thank you! I know your talents are many. Are there any services in particular you would like to highlight?

Stephanie: I love any color services, highlights, blonding, colors, you name it! Cuts, styles, pretty much, if you need it, I can help. And that’s what I love the best at my job, getting to see the happiness in the faces of my clients! It’s so rewarding! I appreciate your time and have enjoyed getting to know you. Any last words for our readers?

Stephanie: I’d like to say thank you to the “Leader” of our team, Lynn Glaze. She is what makes ours a atmosphere of happiness. She is such a strong, faithful, compassionate leader. She is an advocator for our local Cosmetology environment. She’s a fighter for justice and rights, and especially, a winner! Thank you, Lynn!


Thank You, Stephanie, you are a gem, and I know The Salon Pineville is thrilled to have you on their team! Make your appointment today, or call 318.442.8282!


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