Spa Time and St. Germain Take Me Away

by Jodi Marze Belgard

I love to create and build things. Businesses, floral designs, displays — give me the desired result and I will put a laser-beamed focus on a path to get you there like no other. I have pulled all-nighters to ready a department for a supervisory walk. However, all that focus and creative output needs replenishing with “me time.” I’m talking a spa appointment, cucumber water and St. Germain/Prosecco!

The most effective way for me to recharge is to completely unplug all things interactive. No phone, no television –I’m just a girl on a mission to get to my spa and bliss out. Cucumber-infused water is my beverage of choice pre-spa. The night before, I put cucumbers in a pitcher of water and it is soooo good the next day. A salad is on order for some point that day along with fruit — lots of it!

The spa appointment is the main event. I love walking through the door and having the scent of eucalyptus and essential oils hit my nose. It is like walking into relaxation. The spa environment for me is one of luxury and calm. Candles and soft textures accent a look of earthiness and warmth. Floral designs that aren’t stiff, but natural and loose, are a plus.

When my session is over, all is well with my world. Post-spa rituals include loved ones, fur babies, Prosecco and an elderflower liqueur with floral notes called St. Germain. Some use champagne with this liqueur, but the only difference is champagne is from France and Prosecco is from Italy. Either is fine, but old habits die hard, so Prosecco it is.

If you are wanting to experience my favorite after-spa drink, there are many ways to change it up but here is the basic recipe:

2 ounces St. Germain Liqueur
3 1/2 ounces dry champagne or Prosecco
Garnish: lemon peel,strawberries or raspberries



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