by Melissa Dubroc

You might be asking yourself: with so many paint manufacturers and paint colors today, how do I select the best one for my project? We all know that paint can make a tremendous difference in any space. It covers the most visual area and is such an important design element. It truly can make or break a room.

I usually start with inspiration of rooms I love, objects I love, or something that truly inspires me!  Of course, I research on Pinterest, Houzz, and other websites that have great examples of the items listed above. Many paint manufacturing websites have great examples as well. Here you can usually find palettes displayed together, typically for the style of room you are trying to achieve.

Sometimes I find inspiration in a rug, painting, or even a piece of fabric. It can help define the direction I want to achieve in the space. With today’s infinite colors options, it can be very difficult to narrow down the right choice for your space.

If you have ever gone to a paint selection display, you know how overwhelming it can be. Or you may have tried to paint small samples of the proposed colors on your walls to help with your decision. Either way, the task can be daunting. I have ended up with so many samples over the years I could probably open my own paint store!

Most all paint manufacturers have come up with color tools to assist with your paint selection. Some have a tool that can match to a color in your inspiration item. Others have ways to visualize a room with different paint colors.  It has been difficult to find a great program where you take a photo of your space and can change the paint colors to visualize the different options in real time. Although there are some programs out there, they are not quite perfected to make it easy for the consumer. This is coming soon though, I feel certain.

Some manufacturers also offer the peel and stick samples. I think this a great tool! You get an accurate sample, usually with two coats of paint, and you can move them around the space and/or adjacent spaces without having to use tape or tear up other materials you may have made into a sample. In some cases, they do not offer their full line of colors, usually just the best sellers or most popular colors. This is great because it eliminates so many colors that never really should be painted on a wall in the first place.

In the past, I have always tried to put a sample on the wall to see how my selection works in the lighting of the space. In more times that I can count, the paint has always had a different look between the place where it was selected (store or office), and the actual space it is to be used. This is usually due to the lighting; reflection of natural light from trees and / or water, etc. It can also look different on various walls within the same room. Sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes not.

Some companies represent multiple brands of paint under one website. Many companies offer special discounts and/or free shipping. They will also send the painting supplies right to your door! Painting can seem like an enormous task, but with today’s resources it has never been easier! Just google the best options that would work for you.

Good luck and Happy Painting!

Melissa Dubroc, ASID
Registered Interior Designer
Louisiana License No. 1078
Studio Design LLC
1015 Wisteria Street
Alexandria, La. 71301

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