Finally! Help is on the way!

We always seem to want the hair we don’t have … short/long, curly/straight, you know … well, most every one of us want a change, but especially those that struggle with the pain and stigma of thinning hair! Your struggle is real … and Paul Mitchell has developed a product to offer you a new lease on life! We welcome you to SCALP CARE! Begin to see improvements as you spend less for more results.


Couple these products with the most innovative advances in salon development in years, actually created right here in Cenla, and you will be thrilled with the outcome!

Our very own Lynn Glaze has designed an in-house computer program to help The Salon clients keep up with everything involving “-hair -skin -nails!” Although The Salon is the only one providing this ground-breaking technology in Cenla,  Lynn has incorporated the program into other salons throughout the USA. Be sure to ask your stylist, no matter where you get your hair done, for your EMPOWERMENT GUIDANCE CONSULTATION® today. Get to know more about you and let us help you love living with your hair, skin, and nails in a new light!

In the meantime, request an appointment for your very own EGC® today at or call 318-442-TATA (8282) to get started. You will not believe what you’ve been missing.


Visit our Website:


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