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Cutera Pearl laser is a type of laser skin resurfacing used to remove age spots, fix uneven skin, treat fine wrinkles on the face and neck, sun damage and uneven texture of skin and also light spots.

A Pearl laser treatment requires around three to four days for recovery and social downtime where your face may appear pink to red and you may wish to avoid social events due to embarrassment.

The Pearl laser gently removes the top layer of skin of the epidermis and heats and treats the layer below it promoting the production of new collagen cells and new skin.

single full treatment takes between ten to fifteen minutes for a complete face treatment. The patient will feel a series of pinches during the procedure, there is minimal discomfort during the entire surgery.

Following a Pearl laser treatment, a patient’s skin will appear sunburned for a few days and they are advised to keep the skin moist with drinking water and moisturizing cream until it has fully recovered.

Women can put on make-up after 2-3 days following the Pearl laser treatment.

Patients are expected to see results within three days when the dead tissue has peeled off leaving fresh looking new healthy skin. Most people see great results after the first treatment, but it is advised to have a second one for maximum results. A Pearl laser treatment is in no way as bad in downtime as traditional CO2 laser and Erbium lasers. The Pearl laser is also FDA approved for the treatment of skin resurfacing and wrinkle reduction. The treatment has the word “pearl” in it because it leaves your skin with a pearly youthful sheen.

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