by Peter John Ladetto

I began painting at 32 years of age in 2011 after a series of lucid dreams involving an unknown figure who spoke telepathically and showed me a world that seemed to be a living painting.

I painted feverishly on anything I could find, experimenting with portraiture by representing facial structures and shadows with unusual combinations of color. Using my little flip phone I would view the world and my paintings through the negative or inverse filter and found it intriguing. I then had a dream about painting with the inverse colours.

Shortly thereafter I had finished a painting of Jim Morrison with black skin and fiery hair. When documenting it with my phone it flashed for a moment into the negative filter and revealed the painting in the positive. I had unknowingly painted him in the negative, which in combination with the negative filter flashed the hidden positive image. Thus the Dream Energy series was born and I’ve been exploring it ever since, going so far as to have a negative filter app called Fluxonart created just for this series.

To experience Dream Energy paintings simply download the Free Fluxonart app, pull up the paintings on a second device and point the app at the paintings.


The mind is an ocular proboscis of lucidity, being the living theatre of its own vision rebounding it’s form endlessly fluxing through conduits of life and death.

We create instruments that extend the vision and broaden the dream.

Dream Energy paintings are 100% handmade acrylic on canvas artworks. They can be viewed on the following links:

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Cunningham Copiers
Southern Heritage 728×90 to separate them
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Southern Heritage Bank 728×90
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