by Ronny Green


Cooking meat on an open fire dates back to prehistoric times. BBQ Historians have said the Spanish, upon landing in the Caribbean, used the word barbacoa to refer to the natives’ method of slow-cooking meat over a wooden platform. Fast forward to today where you have many different styles and variations of preparing and cooking. From dry rubs to no rubs, charcoal or gas grilling, wood smokers and so on. Some consider themselves grill masters, pit bosses or take myself for instance the “king of wings,” but that’s another story for another day. Either way you slice it … whether it’s a backyard BBQ or commercial BBQ joint, a good plate of BBQ with all the trimmings is comfort food and Outlaw’s in Alexandria and Pineville is serving serious comfort by the pound with all the sides and extras to rock you right to sleep afterwards.

Today, Dief and myself are indulging in an Outlaws signature platter and speaking with general manager, Robin Richie, about renovations, pit masters, and individual parts working in unison to create a consistent dining experience. The Outlaw’s platter consists of flavorful ribs, tender thin sliced brisket and succulent pork sausage. I’m getting ahead of myself; for starters we shared the N O T O R I O U S nachos. First introduced as a limited time special, this appetizer (or full course meal depending on your level of hunger) has landed a permanent spot on the menu after many customer requests, myself included. The Notorious Nachos are piled high with your choice of meat topped with queso, cheddar, bacon bits, lettuce, tomato, jalapeños, sour cream and chives. Is your mouth watering yet? Ok, back to the platter, accompanying the three meats was a cheesy, meaty rendition of mac n cheese and cajun rice.

When it comes to renovations at the MacArthur Drive location, you can expect “Outlaws for Good,” which includes the addition of healthier options, along with continual recognition of community First Responders, as well as new amenities, including a bar with locally brewed beer from Huckleberry Brewing Co. on tap and a thirty person table top that stretches from the counter to the front door. You can also expect to see familiar faces such Glen or “Pop,” as he’s more affectionately known, for his 30+ years of service and maintaining the consistency of Outlaw’s recipes established in 1989.

Outlaws BBQ
818 MacArthur Dr
Alexandria, La
(318) 443 8723

Outlaws BBQ
359 Kings Country Rd
Pineville, La
(318) 640 4756

Ronny G lives in the NeighborHood Star Entertainment promotions department, only comes out for good food and a good time, and the occasional 5k race … see you guys out on the trail!

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