by Leah Jackson

Two Northwestern State University students co-authored a new book intended to share insight and encouragement with their peers. Marissa Guillory and MoniQue Ardoin, both of Sulphur, coauthored “Sis, You Got This: 5 Affirmations to Help You Not Sweat the Small Stuff.”

Published by Kingdom Life Publishing and targeted to pre-teens, teens and young adults, the book is an interactive journal that includes Bible scriptures and is appropriate for an individual reader, a girl’s Bible study group or a girl’s book club.

“My chapter is titled ‘No Matter What You Got This,’” Guillory said. “My chapter focuses on staying encouraged and never giving up. We shouldn’t let fear, insecurities or doubt stop us from completing anything we put our mind to.  So, have faith, persevere and trust in the plan that God has personally designed for you.”

Guillory is a sophomore majoring in secondary education with a concentration in social studies. She is involved with African American Caucus, La Belle Femme and is a Demon VIP.

Ardoin is a junior nursing major involved with Kappa Phi and the Baptist Collegiate Ministry, currently serving as a GUILD leader. “’Sis, You Got This,’ is an interactive book/journal that encourages girls in every part of their life, from encouraging them that they can do anything to encouraging them to value themselves above all else,” Ardoin said.

Inspiration for the book came from Minister Kenneth Trent and Dr. Ranyel Trent, who are cousins to Ardoin, ministers and youth leaders at Pleasant Green Baptist Church in Sulphur, where Guillory and Ardoin attend church. After selecting the five writers, the Trents discussed their ideas and the topics they wanted to cover before the writing project began.

“Minister Kenneth and Dr. Ranyel are the CEO’s of Kingdom Life Publishing, a subsidiary of Kingdom Life Enterprises,” Guillory said. “It meant the world and more to write something so inspirational to these ladies. I love encouraging and helping others already, so to have something geared towards younger girls and my peers was perfect. I hope that our readers will receive that they are rich, pure and precious. They can do any and everything that they put their minds to.”

“They [the Ranyels] gave us each a topic to talk about and we wrote on that topic,” Ardoin said. “Then, we meditated and prayed on it for a while before writing to make sure that everything we wrote was everything God wanted to say to His daughters.”

The writers want readers to value themselves, learn to let go of toxic relationships, be careful and mindful with their bodies and stay encouraged no matter what challenges arise.

Guillory and Ardoin are also cousins.

“We’re actually two weeks apart so we grew up together,” Ardoin said. “We also attended the same schools together since elementary school. In other words, we’ve been really close since diapers. And, yes, we do go to the same church.”

Other contributors are Nevaeh Barriere, Gabriela Trent, Kristian Barriere and Dy’Jah Doucett.

“Co-authoring this book was such a great experience. It was actually something that I doubted myself on,” Guillory said. “I felt that what I said for my chapter wasn’t going to be ‘good enough’ to complete such an amazing opportunity. But through prayer and my faith in God, I pushed through and I am so excited and thankful that I did.”

The writers hosted a Facebook Live release party and were featured in news outlets in southwest Louisiana.

“We’re currently doing a book tour where we go to middle schools in our local area and talk about our books to the girls there,” Ardoin said. “From February 27th-March 27th, we’re having a virtual book club where we meet on Zoom every Saturday for five weeks and talk about our book with other girls and really break it down. That is available to any girl ages 10-23 who desires to join us. They can register for it at for only $5.”

The book is available at in paperback and kindle edition.

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