Brought To You By the City of Alexandria

Local residents are increasingly choosing to recycle their used cardboard items thanks to the City of Alexandria’s new recycling program.

In the few weeks since the City partnered with Hometown Waste Services, LLC, in May, more than two tons of cardboard has been recycled with organizers seeing increased collections as residents become more aware of the program.

“We are proud of this drop-off program, which is free to the City and saves taxpayer dollars on disposal fees at the landfill,” said Sandra Washington, interim director of public works.

Brown cardboard recycling bins are located throughout the city and are marked with bright Recycle Alex stickers. Residents are asked to break down their cardboard boxes and place the flat boxes in the bins. Only plain cardboard boxes should be placed in the recycle bins, not trash or food containers. The boxes are cleared regularly and the collected cardboard is sold and recycled.

In addition to cardboard recycling, the City uses SCRD, a multifaceted recycling company, to collect tree debris and green waste.

“They are able to collect pure green waste – there can’t be any trash or other materials in the pile – and they take it to their facility where they recycle it for a variety of uses,” explained Darren Green, the City’s urban forester. “We started working with them in early 2021, right after we finished the cleanup from Hurricane Laura. They are able to do a quicker turnaround since they don’t have to take it to the landfill, it’s good for the environment and it saves the city money on landfill fees.”

David Fuselier with Hometown Waste Services, which has invested roughly $50,000 in the cardboard recycling program, said he is pleased to see the program growing as residents start getting into the habit of recycling their used cardboard items. “Thanks to this program, we are reducing the amount of virgin fiber from trees necessary to make the cardboard and paper products we love. It’s one more step toward Alexandria’s sustainability!”

Current collection sites include:

• 505 21st Street

• 4358 Wakefield Blvd.

• 516 Fairfield Avenue

• 2700 Jones Avenue

• 1503 Wimbledon Blvd

• 4001 Lakeside Drive

• 5215 Leo Street next to Glass Act Recycling

• The end of Desoto Street near the Alexandria Museum of Art

In addition, there is a cardboard collection site next to the Alexandria Zoo. This site is part of the Zoo’s Cardboard for Critters program with proceeds from the cardboard in those bins supporting Friends of the Alexandria Zoo. Additional collection sites may be added as the program progresses. For the latest locations, go to

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