Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3 says, “There is a season for everything.” God, in His perfect wisdom, designed us to navigate life through seasons – in both seasons of the earth, and in seasons of the heart. Perhaps the divinely-ordered physical seasons of the earth are His way of showing us how our human interior life is fashioned, as well. Variety is necessary. We need opportunities to hibernate and take shelter, to be still, reflect, withdraw and heal; just as much, we need opportunities to emerge, engage in nature, be active, playful and celebrate. When we reflect back in time, we often recognize that life’s fluctuations and transitions nudged us closer to Him every time.

The annual cycle of weather and our ways of living in each segment of time show that He lovingly equipped us with the skill of adaptation. Just as we make adjustments in our activities and our mindsets as twelve months play out, we also make adjustments as the seasons of our lives play out. If we cling to our faith as our heavenly survival instinct, we grow. As we cultivate our faith, the Lord gifts us with more and more graces to adjust, cope, appreciate and grasp the blessings of each season He leads us through. Seasonal changes are assured – from intense to mild, contentment to longing for something more, sadness to joy, sickness to health. These seasonal paths provide wisdom needed for the next steps we will take in faith.

It’s no wonder that Easter, Christianity’s most significant season, belongs to Spring. This holy time of year shines so bright on the calendar of our lives. May we fully embrace God’s plan for resurrecting His people. May we emerge this Spring, recognizing God’s refreshing energy. May He invigorate us with joy and fresh passion for life.

*Jacqueline B. Snow*

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