by Jacqueline Snow

It’s already mid-year! It’s such a good time to step back and take a look at our year’s progress. In anything we set out to accomplish, mid-point is a good and natural time to take a productive break to sharpen our focus, check our motives, tweak our plans and measure our progress. Maybe we’re ahead of schedule in some areas of our annual goals and resolutions, but behind in others. Have circumstances evolved or changed? Are we viewing it all with eyes of faith? Has the Lord revealed that our direction is in line with His will for our lives? Have we given our lives to Him more substantially and become more spiritually in-tune to His gentle nudges? Perhaps we feel the need to slow down or speed up … or maybe, just enjoy the moment? With Father’s Day this month, how good it would be to take a little extra time to savor how God, the Father is providing for us and lovingly guiding us.

In navigating our journey to Heaven, we are given talents, skills, knowledge and desires. But God the Father is the designer of the map! He’s the travel guide, in charge of the itineraries and timelines. In this life, we know when we’ve reached mid-year, quarter-end, “mid-life”, half a mile, or 50% … but we never know when we have reached the halfway mark of our journey to Heaven. It could be today or it may have been several years ago. We may plan and strive overall, yet we live moment by moment, day by day. Let us abide joyfully in Him as each day begins, reaches its mid-point and comes to an end. May faith and grace be sufficient in each step we take in the big picture of our life … our divine portrait.

Jacqueline Snow

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