Navigating 2019 with Faith – September

by Jacqueline Snow

The saying “turn over a new leaf” is an idiom of English origin. An internet search provides variations on its meaning, but all basically point to the idea of changing behavior, reforming oneself and beginning anew. As our year turns the corner towards Fall, in what ways might we feel nudged to “turn over a new leaf” in our faith walk? September provides vividly beautiful reminders that inspire us to vigorously embrace and navigate life’s changes.

With Fall, sights and sounds of brisk changes are all around us. The leaves in the trees are literally changing color before our eyes. We’re growing used to hearing the familiar sounds of school buses starting and stopping in the neighborhood. We’re relaxing to the sounds of football games on TV, rooting once again for our favorite team to have a winning season. As the year’s final months grow near, a sense of resolve to press on in faith is like a fresh Fall breeze. In our faith walk, winds of change invigorate and motivate us. Once again, it’s gloriously obvious that God designed seasons of the year with perfection … providing just the right atmospheric inspirations … at just the right moments in time.

September is a wonderful month to seek opportunities for contemplation. Maybe it’s as simple as finding a spot in nature to simply sit and think about where we are, where we are going next and how we can adjust our strategies. Just as a new school year is another chance to achieve greater accomplishments, or as a new football season is another chance to strive for winning a championship … we are gifted with “another chance” to renew and go forth re-energized … to turn over a new leaf in our faith life and savor moments of joy and progress.

Jacqueline Snow

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