by Jacqueline Snow

Faith has been our guiding light as we’ve navigated this year of life.

December reminds us of the power in that guiding light and how three kings followed a beautiful, bright star 2019 years ago. Their paths and customs were different, yet they followed the same star and arrived at the same destination. We may each navigate December differently, taking part in special gatherings and celebrations. But we probably all have something in common about experiencing comfort and joy in this holy month … in the simple things … like cuddling with our blanket and sipping hot chocolate. God is like that blanket and hot chocolate. We wake up nestled with Him in the morning, having received His loving provision of rest and renewal overnight so we can engage in another day of light and life. Then at night time, we return to that same comfort and security, nestling in His loving care.

A day is measured by 12 hours, without fail, and we always begin and end a day in the same way – under the authority of His divine order. We have extreme confidence in His authority and providence, never having to wonder if whether or not a day will still contain 12 hours, or if a sun will rise in the morning and a moon appear at night. Similarly, 12 months of one year begins and ends without fail, with four distinct seasons to provide variety in our annual journey, cycling us forward phenomenally through this earthly, adventurous life.

God tends to use symbolism to speak spiritually to us, and mankind tends to comply with His symbolic nudges, often without even realizing it. The number 12 appears often in our spiritual-human life, always signifying completion and wholeness. We use 12 as a unit of measure for many things … 12 inches in a foot, 12 eggs in a dozen, 12 jurors on a jury panel. There were 12 tribes of Israel and Jesus chose 12 Apostles. Amazingly, a closer look at the number 12 reveals the trinity … 1 plus 2 equals 3 … God-Christ-Holy Spirit … Perfection-Completion-Wholeness … Christmas!

What makes a year of life distinct is the manner in which we navigate it. How we maneuver each circumstance, each season, each emotion. Time unfolds only once and never repeats, but the divine structure remains reliable and consistent. That’s our God. He’s the same from daybreak to sundown, spring to winter, January to December, age to age. We are the ones who change, we are the ones who evolve, we are the ones who journey. May God richly shower his graces upon us, strengthening us with more and more faith and inspiring us with hope and love beyond measure, so we can live more and more fully, purposefully and fruitfully. May thanks and praise overflow from the depths of our being today, tomorrow and always … as we navigate through all the days of our lives with the glorious, joyous light of faith.

Jacqueline Snow

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