by Pauline Reneaux

Since I started this column and have followed the alphabet, I found myself stumped by the letter “N.” The creative side of me couldn’t just write “N is for November,” that’s a little too bland for my taste. So I took some time to think about it.

“What word starts with the letter ‘N’ that has meaning to me?”

Then it hit me … NOTEBOOKS!! I literally carry a notebook with me everywhere I go because inspiration comes to me at the most unusual times and in the most interesting places.

Every year, on one occasion or the other, I buy my kids a new notebook. I encourage them to use it as a journal or a place to write down goals and dreams. They have watched me write in my own notebooks over the years so it is nothing boring or out of the ordinary in our home. In August, when I moved my youngest son off to college, I gave him a new journal. We often send our kids out into the world, offering them words of wisdom, but never quite knowing what they truly hear. I was given such a gift. A few weeks ago, he sent me photos of what he had written in his new journal. Not only was my 18 year old child discovering the beauty of journaling, and the freedom of wanting to write his hopes and dreams down on paper, but he wanted to share his thoughts with me. What a blessing to see him embrace what I, too, love so dearly.

So I would like to encourage you to use this Thanksgiving as a time to share notebooks & journals with your family and friends. Encourage them to spend the year writing down all the things they are thankful for and bring them back in 2020 to share. I found three little notebooks, just right for my kids to write notes in that they can share next year. For Christmas this year, I am taking the time to write out letters to all of the people that have had a significant impact in my life. In a world so obsessed with things, I think people so desperately need to hear when they are doing things right.

If you have other traditions that you and your family share to show gratitude and thankfulness this time of the year, I would love to hear about them. Below you will find my email address. Until next month…

Blessings, Pauline

To learn more about Pauline Reneaux, visit her blog at She welcomes email at

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