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Matthew had an extraordinary bond with his dad, and when he passed away, Matthew was devastated.

His mom couldn’t manage to care for him with his special needs without her husband; however, she wouldn’t place Matthew with a provider unless she were sure he would receive proper care. She wanted to find a community-centric provider that focused on including Matthew rather than confining him to an institution.

Evergreen was a perfect fit. Matthew would live with others in a nice home in a family neighborhood with around-the-clock supervision and support.

When Matthew came to Evergreen, he was still coping with the loss of his dad. He wouldn’t talk, he wouldn’t eat, and he wouldn’t listen to anyone. Evergreen caregivers understood the importance of helping him go through the grieving process. His caregivers also understood that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities often mourn differently.

His caregivers used games to help bring Matthew out of his shell. Once he trusted them enough, they could slowly get him to talk about his feelings, goals, and how he could work on his behavior issues. His caregivers also encouraged him to turn to art, where tucked-away emotions and feelings could be expressed on a canvas.

Today, Matthew is thriving at Evergreen. He takes turns cooking breakfast each morning and setting the table with his housemates. Then they divide and conquer their chores, leaving behind a spotless home before going to an Evergreen Day Program. Every month, he learns something new, rotating between participating in art, music, culinary, and fulfilling contracts. He enjoys breaks and lunch in the café area.

You allow individuals like Matthew to lead a life safe in a real home with the best possible care, safety, and life skills training. To learn more about how you can help offer this same level of care to thousands of individuals with intellectual and developmental challenges in our care, visit

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