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When Evergreen Board Member, Rev. Barry Chance, was asked by the owner of the local Firehouse Subs if he knew any church members interested in taking a job on the lunch shift, he suggested a different option. He asked the sub shop owner, Shawn McWaters if he would consider hiring a person with a disability. Rev. Chance explained that the job sounded perfect for many of the individuals served by Evergreen.

A few days later, Mr. McWaters changed one woman’s life forever. He hired Elizabeth, an individual served by Evergreen. Having a job has made Elizabeth’s self-confidence soar. It’s one of the first things she tells everyone she meets. And her paychecks have helped her gain significant independence.

“Elizabeth’s enthusiasm and passion for her job have been a welcome addition to our team,” says Annette McWaters, manager and co-owner of Firehouse Subs. “We are proud that she’s a part of Firehouse Subs.”

Through your donations, Evergreen can offer a supportive employment program for individuals like Elizabeth who secure employment in their community. Thanks to you, Elizabeth receives transportation to and from work, additional training when needed, and help to keep her uniform clean and well-groomed. Her supportive employment team frequently checks in with her manager to ensure Elizabeth fulfills her job requirements. They have never received a negative report about Elizabeth’s work performance, but if they did, her team would address it with additional training and coaching.

Mr. McWaters, the owner, states that Elizabeth is “one of the best employees. His experience employing Elizabeth has turned him into an advocate for hiring individuals with disabilities and encourages other business owners to consider the same option.

You can make a big difference by hiring an individual with a disability. Learn more by filling out an online form at

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