Brought To You By LSUA; Written By Adam Lord

According to a new impact report, LSUA contributes $109.1 million in annual economic impact to Central Louisiana.

LSUA, an integral part of the LSU System, makes a significant contribution to Louisiana’s economy, directly contributing $52.1 million in output, $16.8 million in earnings, and employing 475 people. However, the indirect impact of LSUA is also significant, affecting the local economy with $57.0 million in output, $14.9 million in earnings, and creating 382 additional indirect jobs. 

LSUA’s contribution to the LSU System’s economic impact on Louisiana should not be underestimated. Its impact on the local economy, both directly and indirectly, generates significant output, earnings, and jobs. LSUA’s commitment to providing a qualified and educated future workforce further emphasizes its importance in the LSU System’s wider economic impact on Louisiana.

As Louisiana’s undergraduate-only university, LSUA offers a range of work-ready degree programs that prepare students for success, playing a critical role in providing the state of Louisiana with an educated and qualified workforce. LSUA’s graduates not only increase their lifetime earnings, but they also contribute to the local economy by joining the local workforce and attracting businesses to the area.

LSU economists analyzed LSU and its affiliated campuses’ economic impact on Louisiana using two criteria: graduates’ lifetime earnings and LSU’s spending on the state’s economy. They estimated lifetime earnings by comparing weekly earnings between workers of different education levels using U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data. LSU’s spending impact was measured using an input-output model to show how it affects local businesses and industries. The analysis also considered student spending and LSU athletics programs. The findings demonstrated the significant contribution of LSU to Louisiana’s economy, with LSUA alone having a direct output of $52.1 million and a total impact of $109.1 million.

Read the full report “The Economic Impact of LSU on Louisiana” at 

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