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I must say this year flew by, and once again, the holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday. It is a time to give thanks for friends, family, and everything we have been blessed with this year. Our family looks forward to getting together with cousins, siblings, and that infamous Thanksgiving turkey. After Thanksgiving we pull out the Christmas decorations and the next set of festivities begin.

There are Churches, shelters, and other civic organizations in your community that can use your help . As the cold weather moves in, the homeless are exposed to the elements. Please choose one of these service groups from several in your area, or reach out to one of your local churches and give them a hand. When you here the bell, please make a donation.

I have been told by civic leaders, that the people standing on the corners asking for handouts are organized and mostly from out of town. Please do not add to our problems by donating to them. There are plenty of legitimate places that can use your help.

Some folks start shopping before Thanksgiving, not me! I am still a Christmas Eve shopper like a lot of men. If you do start early, please take a look at your local businesses for gifts. We have a fantastic selection of businesses and there is nothing better than stimulating our local economies by shopping local.

Orkke and I are thankful for our faithful advertisers and readers. Thank you all for checking us out every issue. We do our best to bring you news, entertainment, sports, dining, and more that you enjoy at a touch of your fingertips.

We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Be thankful, humble, kind, and spread a little love around!


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